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Lung Cancer Risk From Silica Reviewed

With the ability to screen and diagnose early-stage disease by a non-invasive breath test for the Healthcare industry and using similar technology to detect trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, chemical weapons, and monitor air pollution; ANCON is poised to deliver ground breaking innovation for numerous large and growing global industries.

NMT:  ANCON specializes in Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT); a unique method of detecting trace chemicals with wide-spanning application in healthcare, security, military, pollution monitoring and beyond. The patented technology detects trace chemicals in the air, at the level of single molecules.

NBT:  For the Healthcare industry, ANCON has developed a medical desk-top unit called Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) for use in clinical environments. It is designed to detect the presence of trace amounts of disease biomarkers in the breath of patients.



NBT has been developed exclusively for the medical market. The high sensitivity medical device, coupled with machine learning software (Artificial Intelligence), enables healthcare professions to screen and diagnose cancers and other diseases at an earlier stage, in a quick, non-invasive manner while improving outcomes for patients.

As the core technology from ANCON, NMT was developed for the military & security sector to fulfill government agency requirement for innovative technologies that will allow them to detect explosives, chemical weapons, and narcotics to ensure frontline border control and counter terrorist threats.

Air pollution is a substantial concern to many governments across the world such as the European Union who enforce strict air pollution laws, fining member countries for non-compliance. While governments have made substantial strides in controlling air pollution, the issue requires constant reassessment and the team at ANCON have developed and launched a range of air quality monitoring products with applications in indoor and outdoor monitoring, exposure in occupational/industrial environments, and process quality control.


An important feature of NMT is its exceptionally low background noise. This enhances the signal to noise ratio, giving advantages against techniques such as Faraday cup detectors used in IMS; where thermal electrical noise is a limiting factor.

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Click here to read the NMT case study pitch from the CDE Marketplace on 5 February 2015. Posted by Centre for Defence Enterprise and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory: Ultra-sensitive detection of explosives and chemicals.

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