ANCON Works on Expanding Product Range

ANCON is pleased to report that progress is on schedule for the launch of an exciting new product targeted to the Air Quality Monitoring industry. Developed in conjunction with Belgian based environmental technology specialists, Envicontrol, the new product is based on a previous ANCON’s Institute of Physics Innovation Award-winning product and will be formally introduced in Paris in Spring 2019.

The new instrument will set a new standard for high sensitivity and selectivity in aerosol measurements; meeting the challenging and changing requirements of nanotechnology research. Moving aerosol studies out of the lab, the portable nanoparticle spectrometer has an on-board computer to provide instant results and its convenient design utilises non-toxic, organic working fluid; eliminating shipment challenges of hazardous substances traditionally used in high-sensitivity aerosol spectrometers.

The product is being developed in collaboration with Envicontrol (; specialists in air measuring equipment and management systems for monitoring and warning networks. Headquartered in Belgium, Envicontrol has the exclusive dealership for fifteen manufacturers and presents its technical support services in Benelux, France and the Netherlands as well as selected countries in North Africa.

Further information on the product launch will be announced over the coming weeks and we invite you to sign up to our newsletter at for latest information updates.

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