Ancon Technologies awarded Cyber Essentials

Ancon Technologies awarded Cyber Essentials
Ancon Technologies awarded Cyber Essentials

Ancon Technologies has now announced they have become one of the selected companies to receive the new Cyber Essentials certification from the UK Government.

With cyber attacks on the rise and costing businesses more and more each year, Ancon Technologies being in the security device business makes sense and these latest certifications and accreditation’s will only further expand the company reach within that space.

“I’m proud to announce that Ancon Technologies has been awarded new Cyber Essentials certification from the UK Government” said Wesley Baker – Director. The base Cyber Essentials certification covers a wide range of security processes, including account management, firewall configuration, device configuration, backup processes and other security-related configurations. In order to obtain Cyber Essentials, a qualified and authorised external tester needs to perform additional tests and checks within the organisation, including an internal scan of the network, verification of account security for both standard users and administrative accounts, testing for defences against malicious software installation via email and web browsing.

The company will be switching all its senior staff to Blackberry Android systems through the year, adding the final missing piece of the security for the company. Blackberry themselves are the ONLY smartphone company to have been awarded full Cyber Essentials supplier by the UK Ministry of Defence.

As cyber security becomes more and more of a concern, the UK Ministry of Defence is mandating that its supply chain be Cyber Essentials certified for sensitive projects.

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