Ancon Provides Security Answers for Threats from Explosives

Robert Muir - Managing Director of Ancon
Robert Muir – Managing Director of Ancon

Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT) offers laboratory sensitivity in chemical vapor detection equipment

Terrorist attacks like the one that occurred in Belgium this week are a stark reminder of how critical early detection technology is for security. With a goal of preventing explosive attacks, a British nanotechnology research company is developing advanced new systems that can discover explosives through highly sensitive vapor readings.

“Anytime there’s an explosive attack, people wonder if there are ways to stop these acts before they happen,” said Dr. Robert Muir, Ancon Technologies Chief Executive Officer.  “Truthfully, the answer is not always, but an early warning can provide an opportunity to save lives. Our goal at Ancon Technology is to advance technology that can help give security teams the alerts they need to detect explosives quickly, safely and confidently.”

With its unique Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging system, Ancon Technology has developed security devices with exceptional sensitivity to detect the presence of a bomb from the vapors emitted by the chemicals of the explosives.

An NMT device can be programmed to look for specific molecular markers that are released into the air by the chemicals used in an explosive compound. The technology ionizes a sample, tags the ions with specially generated Nano-objects and then uses a laser to count the molecules to identify the chemicals and to gauge concentrations.

“NMT can recognize the presence of an explosive chemical from concentrations as small as a single molecule and its ability to filter out background readings means it can pinpoint a threat even when other chemicals present in the atmosphere,” Muir said.

Brussels Explosion
Brussels Explosion

Ancon Technology NMT products are low cost and deliver higher sensitivity that other systems on the market and they can also be programmed to work with the chemical weapon, radiation, and narcotics testing. The technology’s size and versatility also make it ideal for airport security, where the difficulty in detecting explosives make it extremely vulnerable to attacks.

“NMT technology is comparable to mass spectrometry, but the device is much smaller, making it portable and highly versatile,” Muir said. “Ancon Technology brings laboratory sensitivity into airports, train stations, shopping centres, sporting events and other places where people gather.”

Ancon Technology has working arrangements with military and security agencies in both the United Kingdom and the United States, Muir said, and the company is prepared to boost its capabilities after recently completing a round of investments.

“With its sensitivity and its selectivity, NMT technology gives security checkpoint personnel another tool to provide safety in crowds,” Muir said. “There are no security measures that can eliminate all threats, but an affordable explosive early warning alert can give security forces the critical time they need to prevent and prepare for critical threats.”

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