Ancon Project Earns Win at UK-Chinese Innovation Competition

Ancon Project Earns Win at UK-Chinese Innovation Competition
Ancon Project Earns Win at UK-Chinese Innovation Competition

A team from Ancon Technologies won the China – UK Entrepreneur Innovation Competition in Chengdu on May 12, opening a partnership of collaboration between the Kent, British-based nanotechnology company and the world’s fastest-growing economy.

The China-UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China brought together in Chengdu nearly 450 experts to judge 3,000 projects, with 70,000 participants, covering 36 nations. It was created to promote innovative collaboration between the two countries and encourage youth exchange programs.

“The victory in the China-UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Chengdu is a great achievement for Ancon Technologies, providing a boost to a growing company as it continues to develop its ground-breaking environmental monitoring and chemical detection technology,” said Dr Robert Muir, Ancon Technologies Chief Executive Officer. “The competition results demonstrate that Ancon Technologies’ Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging is an innovative technology that can garner interest from investors and consumers alike.”

Dr Robert Muir – UK China Innovation

Ancon Technologies is developing Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging, a pioneering technology that can power a portable desktop micro-laboratory. The technology has applications across a wide range of industries, including disease screening and explosives and radiation detection.

The projects in the contest in Chengdu were evaluated over a number of standards, including the level of innovation, market potential, feasibility, market need and stage of development.

The innovation and entrepreneurship competition covered a range of areas, including biomedical equipment development, advanced manufacturing, agriculture and food safety, and environmental protection technology. The projects were judged by senior experts from the professional field, industry investment experts and specialists with investment agencies.

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