Ancon Adds Experienced Chemist to Growing Team of Researchers

Ancon Technologies has added an experienced chemist with international study in integral fields to its growing team of researchers and professionals developing the next wave of disease screening and environmental monitoring nanotechnology.

David Mueller, a PhD candidate in physical and theoretical chemistry at Bergische Universität Wuppertal in Germany, brings research experience into the science behind Ancon Technologies, a British-based company that is poised to develop and market breakthrough devices for mobile medical testing and explosive detection.

With his specialised studies in ionisation in mass spectrometry at the research university, Mueller offers extensive knowledge of the science behind measuring the chemical makeup of substances, a crucial element supporting the developing industry of environmental monitoring technology. Mueller has also earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemistry from Bergische Universität Wuppertal.

Ancon Technologies is pioneering a technology known as Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging, which can power a portable desktop micro-laboratory through a process that works through ionisation, or charging, of a molecule to make it easier to detect. Using NMT technology, Ancon Technologies is developing devices that can “sniff” the air, discovering what chemicals are present. It can be used to detect explosives, discover radiation, screen for diseases and other critical chemical monitoring functions.

The hiring of Mueller comes after Ancon Technologies expanded its team of professionals in March with the addition of a new general manager, as well as an electrical researcher and corporate marketer.

“David Mueller’s experience and study in chemistry, and especially his focus on chemical ionisation, will play a key role on the research team at Ancon Technologies,”  said Dr Robert Muir, Ancon Technologies Chief Executive Officer.  “Experienced researchers like David help to ensure our company continues to develop as a leading provider in the growing fields of nanotechnology, environmental monitoring, disease screening and medical testing.”

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