Sniffing Out NBT Benefits with Canine Direction

In 2004, the British Medical Journal published a ground-breaking study demonstrating a proof of principle that trained ‘sniffer’ dogs could identify bladder cancer in samples of human urine. Understandably attracting attention from healthcare professionals, politicians and public, the years following this announcement have increased the evidence-based research, strengthening the movement toward non-invasive early diagnosis of a wide range of diseases.

Now with stronger data and research methods, nanotechnology in the field of “biomarker” detection continues to progress and ANCON Medical is one such company aiming to change the lives of millions through earlier diagnosis of life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer. Non-invasive, simple to use, and affordable, ANCON Medical’s Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology can detect the presence of disease by measuring exhaled breath for signs of the disease.

NBT technology works by utilizing the canine proven biological principle of detecting exhaled breath specific biomarkers, which are DNA-protein controlled volatile organic compound (VOC) metabolites specific to diseases.
“Researchers have discovered biomarkers for more than 400 diseases, with lung and other cancers among those, and whilst our canine companions are successfully being trained to help with emergency alerts for patients with (usually individual) life-threatening conditions such as diabetic hypoglycaemic attacks, the individual training costs and ongoing support can take financial outlay into the thousands for each person.” Wesley Baker, ANCON Medical CEO.

“Being programmable makes an Ancon Medical NBT device quite versatile. With funding and further investment, it will be used to screen for diseases like cancer and potentially be reprogrammed to test for a range of other diseases when needed,” Baker, a member of the Royal Society of Medicine said. “Lung cancer, scleroderma, cervical cancer, the Ebola virus, tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are just some of the diseases where known biomarkers have been discovered.”

By programming an ANCON Medial NBT device to hunt for these specific molecules, the technology will enable healthcare providers to provide a fast, affordable and non-invasive solution to patients, potentially saving lives with early diagnosis of disease.

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