Ancon Technologies unveils new cancer-screening device

Ancon’s NMT is a means of detecting trace chemicals. A combination of highly innovative scientific and technological discoveries based on a conceptually novel means of measuring electric current by counting elemental units of charge, these will be as fundamental in their impact as Mass Spectrometry, Faraday Cup and Wilson’s Cloud Chamber.

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Providing a turnkey solution for experimental setups that require a controlled and stable particle source in a wider size range, Ancon’s particle generation products provide a variable concentration particle output suitable for a variety of applications including aerosol research, ecotoxicology and nano materials manufacturing.

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aero-select-productPortable, Wide-Range Aerosol Sampler

Ancon products set new standards for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements. The wide-range fractionating sampler is unique in that it spans the entire aerosol range from 2nm up to 20μm and is a powerful tool in detecting very low levels of Engineered Nanoparticles against background aerosol concentrations.

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– MR250

Aerosol Particle Distribution Measurement

The MR250 is a companion product for the Aero Select. Used to determine mass-size distributions quickly, it uses the light scattering characteristics of aerosol particles to quantify the masses of samples taken with the Aero Select from 0.25 to 35µm.

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– AERO PS300

ps300-productPersonal Aerosol Sampler

The Aero PS300 is a nanoparticle collector designed for health and occupational health nano-safety applications. A reduced flow rate version of the Aero Select, it can be worn by individuals requiring a portable aerosol sampler in order to risk assess exposure.

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