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26th April 2017

Ultra Sensitive Detection of Explosives

Abstract for Ancon’s ultra sensitive detection of explosives for presentation at International Symposium on the Analysis and Detection of Explosives Keble College · Oxford · 17 – 21 September 2017.

25th April 2017

Alzheimer’s Linked to Toxic Air Pollution

A recent study has linked Alzheimer’s disease to a particle found in air pollution. This is the first study to confirm that toxic magnetite particles found in air pollution have made their way into human brain tissue.

21st April 2017

A Historic Day for Earth’s Future

However you choose to protect the Earth, it can seem like a daunting task. This Saturday 22nd April is Earth Day 2017, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the planet we live on – and how to save it.

6th April 2017

Carbon Dioxide Could Reach Levels Unseen in 50 Million Years

No, the headline is not a typo. Current carbon dioxide levels are unprecedented in human history and are on track to climb to even more ominous heights in

30th March 2017

Study reveals amount of premature deaths linked to international trade

A new study involving the UEA has revealed for the first time the global scale of premature deaths related to air pollution from international trade.

29th March 2017

Moving Aerosol Studies Out of The Lab

Air pollution causes 1 in 9 deaths. It is the biggest environmental health crisis we face. The demand for more detailed analytical research instrumentation has been addressed with ground-breaking technology from Ancon.

28th March 2017

Ancon Technologies Adds Experienced Members to Growing Innovative Team

With experience ranging from wildlife management to the patent process to space age technology, Ancon Technologies has added a diverse range of new talent to its growing team of innovative professionals.

20th March 2017

Blackened filters from cyclist’s face mask show air pollution in Canterbury

The effects of Canterbury’s “toxic air” are laid bare to see in blackened filters removed from a cyclist’s face mask. Martin Baker wore the protective gear for two weeks on his daily commute to challenge statistics, with alarming results.

2nd March 2017

Asian pollution, heat waves worsen US smog, study shows

An influx of pollution from Asia in the western United States and more frequent heat waves in the eastern U.S. are responsible for the persistence of smog in these regions over the past quarter century.

23rd February 2017

Chinese Air Pollution Linked to Respiratory and Cardiovascular Deaths

In the largest epidemiological study conducted in the developing world, researchers found that as exposures to fine particulate air pollution in 272 Chinese cities increase, so do deaths from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

15th February 2017

Tube ‘higher than driving’ for air pollution, study finds

Travelling on the Underground exposes commuters to more than eight times as much air pollution as those who drive to work, a university study has found.

8th February 2017

100,000 may have died but there is still no justice over Indonesian air pollution

The Global Fire Emissions Database reports that in 2015, fires in Indonesia generated about 600m tonnes of greenhouse gases, which is roughly equivalent to Germany’s entire annual output.

19th January 2017

Pollution warning as London air quality alerts are issued

Air quality alerts have been issued by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan; describing London’s dirty air as a “public health emergency”. London breached its legal limits for toxic air for the entire year in the first five days of 2017.

11th January 2017

Ancon adds a new product

Ancon Technologies is pleased to announce a new addition to their product line. The PMC500 is an electrostatic mobility classifier that provides precise and controlled size selection of nanoparticles from 5 to 500nm.

10th January 2017

Ammonia Detected in Earth’s Atmosphere for First Time

Researchers have discovered ammonia in Earth’s lowest atmospheric layer. The detected ammonia was most concentrated in the upper layer of the troposphere above India and China; countries that have experienced population and economic booms in recent years.

29th November 2016

Ancon Technologies awarded Cyber Essentials

Ancon Technologies has now announced they have become one of the selected companies to receive the new Cyber Essentials certification from the UK Government.

23rd November 2016

Researchers solve mystery of historic 1952 London fog and current Chinese haze

In 1952 a killer fog that contained pollutants covered London for five days, causing breathing problems and killing thousands of residents. The exact cause and nature of the fog has remained mostly unknown for decades, but an international team of scientists believes that the mystery has been solved.

Ancon Unveils Advanced, Portable Aerosol Sampling Device

Ancon has developed a ground-breaking new portable air particle sampling technology that promises a wide range of scientific and industrial applications, including monitoring environmental health, detecting pollutants and identifying Nano and micro particles in the atmosphere.

21st November 2016

Ancon Features in British Government Parliamentary Review

The Parliamentary Review is an annual initiative released to coincide with the beginning of the Parliamentary year. Ancon Technologies was selected to feature in the review for 2016, distributed to Members of Parliament, Business Leaders, Commonwealth Parliaments and World leaders.

4th July 2016

Ancon Technologies Offers Airport Security Sensitive, Accurate Explosives Screening

Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT) device delivers laboratory precision at economical rates. The crash of an Egypt Air Flight 804 recently again raised concerns over whether a vulnerability in

20th April 2016

Ancon Provides Security Answers for Threats from Explosives

Nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT) offers laboratory sensitivity in chemical vapor detection equipment Terrorist attacks like the one that occurred in Belgium this week are a stark reminder of

9th December 2013

MIT Biologists ID New Cancer Weakness

About half of all cancer patients have a mutation in a gene called p53, which allows tumors to survive and continue growing even after chemotherapy severely damages their

5th December 2013

New way to predict ovarian cancer survival

By counting the number of cancer-fighting immune cells inside tumour, scientists say they may have found a way to predict survival from ovarian cancer. The researchers developed an

26th November 2013

Smoking Increases Risk Of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Relapse

Survivors of nasopharyngeal carcinoma who are former or current smokers are more likely to have their disease progress, relapse, or spread, compared to disease survivors who have never