Security and Narcotics

The goal of detecting explosives and narcotics in any situation is a critical fight against terrorism and acts of aggression at locations, entry points, and public areas. Early detection means using an approach that lets molecules within the air get detected earlier than otherwise might have occurred and will potentially save lives.

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Aerosol and Nanotechnology

There is a great deal of concern about the health effects of nanoparticles released into the environment unintentionally and effective investigative instrumentation is an essential prerequisite for research into all aspects of nanotechnology. The portability and ease of use of Ancon instruments makes them ideal for many applications in the fields of aerosol and nanotechnology research.

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Atmospheric Aerosol

Atmospheric aerosols comprise complex mixtures of various organic and inorganic compounds. The growing population and industrial activities have led to a continuous increase in the emission of aerosols. Advancement in aerosol measurements implemented in Ancon instruments and devices provides an opportunity to characterise air quality and properties of atmospheric aerosols.

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Combustion Aerosols

Combustion particles can be important airborne pollutants, particularly in urban environments. To properly assess the impact on health and the general environment it is important to determine the presence of potentially hazardous chemicals in particulate matter. Ancon has a range of products designed to investigate and determine the chemical nature of combustion generated aerosols.

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Environmental Monitoring

There is a great deal of concern about the health effects of nanoparticles emitted unintentionally into the air. The increase in respiratory illness and allergies in the UK has been associated with particles emitted by diesels and other combustion processes. Ancon instruments are ideally placed to allow accurate, timely and cost effective environmental monitoring.

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Occupational Health

Occupational health risks associated with manufacturing and using nanomaterials are not yet clearly understood and a recent review of available instrumentation in the UK concluded that there was a lack of robust portable instruments capable of size resolving and counting nano-particulates in the air. This gap is addressed by Ancon instruments.

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