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Ancon Technologies Team
Ancon Technologies Team

Ancon is a high-tech company offering revolutionary new molecular detection technology which provides unprecedented levels of sensitivity (much lower than parts per trillion), presenting a unique solution to many industries including air quality, military, security, healthcare, and defence.

Ancon’s unprecedented sensitivity is based on a novel, proprietary technology known as Nanoparticle Molecular Tagging (NMT). Following the discovery of a method to count individual ions, Ancon’s team of engineers, scientists and business experts have developed the technology over the last 10 years and established an impressive portfolio of IP including UK and US patents.  Ancon has close working relations with global market leaders and renowned public and private laboratories.  Ancon has received numerous grants and awards from public bodies including the Department of Trade and Industry and the South East England Development Agency. In 2005 Ancon won the Kent Innovation Prize.

Ancon head office, laboratories and workshops are located in the Canterbury Innovation Centre in Kent, UK close to the University of Kent which has been a long-term supporter of Ancon Technologies.

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