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Security & Narcotics

The goal of detecting explosives and narcotics in any situation is a critical fight against terrorism at entry points and public areas and earlier detection of molecules within the air will potentially save lives.

Product Technology

NMT is a means of detecting trace chemicals through a combination of highly innovative scientific discoveries, fundamentally measuring electric current by counting elemental units of charge.


Ancon’s products are suited to a wide range of applications; from environmental impact monitoring, nanotechnology and atmospheric aerosol research to clean rooms and occupational health studies.

Case Studies

Ancon’s revolutionary technology has been utilised in a variety of applications across the globe. Read more on a selection of case studies employing the Aero Select, NPS500, MR250 and Aerosoliser.

Our Team

Ancon Technologies Team

The Ancon team provides exceptional experience and skills ranging across many fields of expertise including engineering, physics, electronics, chemistry and computational modelling. Ancon provides an exciting and challenging environment, with many broad-based opportunities for personal growth and development.

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Please feel free to contact Ancon Technologies using the details below. You can drop us a message or visit our location.

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